Carrica Ranch, Cibola County, Ramah, NM - For Sale

Price: $5,900,000

Nick Cortese

Property Type: Ranches
House Type: Ranch
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Square Feet: TBD

The Property:

The Carrica Ranch is located south of Grants, New Mexico along the Continental Divide. Presently permitted for 1320 head of yearlings for six months, this ranch is comprised of:

1,104 Deeded Acres
41,029 BLM
2,202 Uncontrolled
44,335 Total Acres 

Terrain & Vegetation:

The ranch is located on the west side of the El Malpais National Park.  The park offers many exciting opportunities for the person looking for recreation, along with a very good ranching experience.  Just a few of those opportunities to be found on the El Malpais are; hiking on top of the lava, exploring caves under the lava flow and hiking a cinder cone volcano. Of primary consideration, though is the ranch.   It's position along the Continental Divide comes with the rare phenomena of not having any large canyons or draws.  There is no run off to create any draws. The ranch is mostly grama grass, buffalo grass and other grasses suited to the elevation.  Trees found on the ranch range from Ponderosa Pines to juniper.  Much of the ranch has very productive meadows.



The ranch is one of the better watered ranches around this area.  The water system has four wells that are around 500’ deep.  One of the wells is a new well at the headquarters that produces 10 gpm.  The wells pump into an extensive pipeline system that is tied together covering the ranch, with the exception of a solar well on the south side of the ranch that has two storage tanks, four drinkers and about two miles of pipeline.  The main pipeline system has over 40 drinkers.  To complement the wells and pipeline, there are over 35 dirt tanks on the ranch.


Livestock Operation:

The ranch is a BLM Allotment that can be either a year-round allotment or a six-month allotment.  Presently, the owner is running a six-month yearling operation of 1320 head of yearlings from April to October 1; with the permission of the BLM.



The headquarters boast a new log cabin for the main house as well as a  foreman’s house.  There is a large set of working pens at the headquarters made of pipe and wood stays.  All the gates are metal pipe along with headache racks to keep the gates swinging.  There is a large metal barn/storage/shop providing a good place to work. 



The price on the ranch includes all of the owner’s equipment presently used to run the ranch.  The only exception is a 770 John Deer motor grader that could be negotiated.



The ranch comes with 4 Elk permits for the deeded land.  Along with the Elk, there are Deer, Antelope, Bear, Turkey, Coyote, Bobcat, Quail, Dove and other wildlife to  be found on the property.

Taxes & Fees:

BLM Fees are $7,132.18 yearly.

Property taxes for 2016 were $2489.54


Broker Notes:

This ranch is a very good, well-equipped and up to date ranch.  The fences and watering system are very good.  The primary aspect on the ranch that most impresses me is the deep soil, very few rocky areas and the flatness of the property.  What you may not be aware of about the Continental Divide, there is practically no runoff of any great amount; no draws, no canyons and no unusable land.  This is a ranch that is currently being used as a yearling operation; but could switch back to a cow calf operation because the infrastructure is in place.  Just bring your cows and get started!


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