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Surveyors Canyon Ranch
Listed for $5,000,000

Surveyor Canyon Ranch is located in Northern Otero County bordering the Lincoln National Forest. Just a few miles Southwest of Pinon on a well maintained county road gets you into this picturesque rolling hills ranch.

The ranch is dissected by two major canyons, Surveyor Canyon and Wayland Canyon with many small canyons, saddles and meadows.  The ranch is a predominantly gramma grass with some sacaton and other grasses in the bottom of the canyons.

There are many tall pines on the northern part of the ranch next to the national forest and trending to smaller Juniper to the southern part of the ranch.  
The ranch fences are in good shape with an adequate water system. There are at present windmills with storage and pipeline servicing drinkers. There is also an electric powered pump jack on a well on the north side of the ranch that furnishes water to the headquarters and other drinkers. Also included in the water supply are many dirt tanks in the low areas that hold water in the wetter times.

The present owner has received an equip program from the NRCS and is starting construction on an extensive update to the water system. The new owner can assume the uncompleted part of the contract.

The headquarters has two home. Both of the homes are very livable and would make a good home. With a spare home to be used for hunters coming to the ranch.

The ranch boasts 26 Elk permits getting 12 mature bulls tags, 8 either sex tags and 6 Bow tags. The present owner has relied on an outfitter to sell and guide the hunters. This is a great income producing part of the ranch. Along with the elk hunting there is also many Mule Deer, Turkey, and Quail to hunt on the property.

As for the tenure of the ranch there is 13,650 total acres with 8611 deeded, 2196 state, and 2841 BLM. Don’t miss looking at this ranch. It is a very good cattle ranch in the foothills with excellent hunting potential and reasonably priced with all the amenities it offers.


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