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Eagle Creek Ranch
Listed for $2,995,000

THE PROPERTY: The Eagle Creek Ranch is located in the mountains of Lincoln National Forrest near Ruidoso. A 28 section ranch is year round cattle country with a Forest Permit with an allotment of 272 animal units year round.

509 Deeded Acres, more or less
17,500 Forrest Permit, more or less
18,009 Total Acres, more or less

TERRAIN AND VEGATATION: Good strong grass country with native grass species such as blue and black grama, side oats grama, and buffalo grass. There are several tree species on this ranch including Ponderosa and Pinon Pine, Juniper, Cedar and Oak. Two creeks flow through the ranch from snow melt and springs of the Sierra Blanca Mountains.

LIVESTOCK OPERATION: The ranch is a year round cow/calf operation with an average yearly rain fall of 15” to 18”. Two wells, four large storage tanks, several dirt tanks and miles of pipeline provide plentiful water for an easy grazing rotation system. There are 2 sets of working pens on the forest and 1 set of pens at the headquarters that are on deed-ed land.

RANCH HOME: The headquarters also includes a triple wide Shultz modular home that is approx. 2100 sq. ft. boasting a deck in the front and a deck in the back. The barn is 45”x140” with stalls and pipe runs, hay storage, tack and feed room, trailer parking and a maintenance bay.

WILDLIFE: There is an abundance of wildlife on the Ranch. Elk, Deer, Turkey, Bear and Cougar. The owner says that they have had no history of a stock problem with the preda-tors.

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