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Estrada Ranch
Listed for $2,800,000

THE PROPERTY:  The Estrada Ranch is located 20 miles northwest of Quemado, New Mexico on State Road 601.  The Estrada Ranch is made up with the following
  • 6434 Deeded Acres
  • 5044.66 New Mexico State Lease Acres.
  • 21,825.22 Bureau of Land Management Acres
  • 1114.71 Uncontrolled Acres
TERRAIN AND VEGATATION:   The Estrada Ranch is composed of good sandy loam rolling country to loamy soil native grass species such as blue and black grama, bluestem, buffalo, sacaton and several different species of drop seeds.  The ranch has an abundance of cover with Cedar breaks rolling into large open flats, The ranch is located on the west side of New Mexico with Arizona being on the West boundary of the ranch.  This area is well situated for Cow-Calf operation or a yearling operation whatever your preference.

The Estrada Ranch is well watered with 6 wells, a spring supplying water to the pipeline, storage tanks and many dirt tanks.
  • Headquarters well; is a solar pumped well with storage.
  • Middle Well; is a solar well with storage Canyon Well; Is solar with storage and feeds two large storage tanks on the north western part of the ranch
  • West Well; This well has a windmill with stuffing box and a pump hanging on the bottom of the cylinder to be able to hook a generator to pump water in times of low wind.
  • West Well in the flat; is pumped by a Windmill.
  • North Well; a shallow well on the north side of the ranch with a windmill that pumps into a drinker..

The ranch had an extensive water system with an estimated total underground pipe of 19 miles of buried pipe and 15 livestock and game drinkers strategically placed on the ranch.

  • Enclosed storage at the Headquarters
  • Steel Rim at the Headquarters
  • Steel Rim at the Middle well is supplied by the pipeline and the spring.
  • Enclosed Storage in South Pasture
  • Steel Rim at the Canyon Well
  • Two large enclosed storage tanks in the North Middle Pasture
  • Steel Rim at  the windmill in the west pasture               

   This ranch has a 441 head allotment from BLM.  There is an additional 2000 acres of deeded land in the flats that are not included in the BLM allotment.                        

Headquarters home:
The home at the headquarters is completely off the grid and has solar power, generator power and battery storage to make the home completely self-sufficient.  The home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The large kitchen has a propane stove along with a wood cook stove.  There is also a large living area with a wood stove.  The house has propane heat in all of the rooms.

Working Pens:
  The headquarters has a set of pens with horse corrals and water in the pens.  There is also a large set of working pens on the south side of the ranch with scales.  Pens in or between all the pastures that make it easy for you to have a place to brand your calves or to be able to pen and load an animal.

The ranch is home to many Elk, Deer, Antelope, Quail, Dove and other game animals along with some predators like coyote and cougar.

Brokers comments:  This ranch is one of those rare finds that is off the grid and although it consists of a large BLM acreage it is a very private ranch.  There is a county road going into the ranch but dead ends at the headquarters so there is not a lot of traffic going through the ranch.  The ranch has lots of wild game on the ranch and qualifies for landowner Elk permits.
This ranch is a great cow ranch that will not only run cow calf pairs but yearlings also and has the cheapest cow unit price of about any ranch on the market now with this much deeded acreage.



Fallon-Cortese Land
Nick Cortese  Kelly Sparks


United Country Remuda
Mike Mackechnie


Revolution Realty LLC
Melissa Gorham



The information contained herein, has been gathered from sources deemed reliable and believed to be correct, however, this information is not guaranteed by the Brokers nor the Owners of the Property.

An independent investigation into all facets pertaining to the property is encouraged and recommended by the Brokers

This offering is subject to errors and omissions and withdrawal from the market without notice.



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