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Listed for $1,990,000


THE PROPERTY:  The Ladron Mountain Ranch consists of the following lands:

 2,663 + Deeded Acres
1,917 + NM State Lease Acres
24,582 + BLM Acres
29,162 + Total Acres

There are two NM State Grazing Leases:

  • GO 1211
  •  GM 1340

The BLM Lease Allotments are as follows:

  • Abeyta 01122  52 hd allotment
  • Lopez Community 01181  79 hd allotment
  • Monte Negro 01140  181 hd allotment

TERRAIN AND VEGETATION:  The ranch is a great working desert cattle ranch located at the Bernado, NM exit on Interstate 25, fifty-five miles south of Albuquerque.  The ranch has all types of topography.  It runs up the north side of the Ladron Mountain and has plenty of gramma grass, Cedar/Juniper trees and moves down to clean tabosa flats on the north side of the ranch.  In between these two extremes are canyons, rolling terrain, and flats.  The ranch has country for any, and all, seasons and rainfalls.
There is a well-maintained county road that cuts through the property along with many ranch roads giving the ranch plenty of easy access to the pastures.


  • HQ Solar Well 394ft. 2 gal/pm
  • HQ Windmill 267ft Windmill with Submersible
  • Monte Negro 180ft with Windmill with Submersible
  • Burned House Well 192ft Windmill
  • Middle Well 380ft
  • Rio Puerco 100ft has water not needed could be outfitted.
  • Yellow Tower 260ft Submersible pupped with 5500-watt generator 5 gpm
  • Lopez Well #1 not operating could be fixed.  This well if put into operation would support one drinker at the well.

The ranch has a few wells that are not in current use, but the ranch has an extensive pipeline system, along with plenty of storage tanks.  The ranch has been operated like this for many years and will adequately water the ranch.  With that being said, some of the wells could easily be rejuvenated and could also supply even more water for the ranch.

The present owner is running an operation of cow-calf pairs and a small herd of brood mares.  The ranch has a total BLM allotment of 288 cattle and can support that number with the water infrastructure and grass.

 At the Headquarters you will find a three bedroom two bath manufactured home with landscaping and some fruit trees.  The home is on a permanent foundation.  The pens at the headquarters are pipe and wood with working pens, sorting alleys, chutes and everything you would expect, or need, at a working cattle ranch.  The Owner also has recently added an equipment and hay barn.  There is a liquid feed tower and a cake tower on the ranch.  Since the present owner has had possession of the ranch they have updated and repaired the fences on the entire ranch.

  The wildlife on the ranch includes Deer, Elk, Rocky Mountain Sheep, Antelope, Quail, Dove and some predators such as Coyote, Bobcat and Mountain Lion.

:  This ranch is a great desert ranch that has an unusual amount of country you wouldn’t expect to find on other desert ranches in this area.  This is primarily due to the Ladron Mountain on the south side of the ranch.  The mountain adds a lot to the ranch with grasses and grazing, not to mention the Wildlife found on the mountain.  The present owner has only had the ranch for a few years and would not be selling if he wasn’t moving his other business to Arizona.  When the present owner bought the ranch, it had a stigma of being a ranch without enough water.  Since then, the present owner had the wells, that were not supposed to be producing, tested; only to find that they were wells with water.  He has since brought some of them into production and has substantially increased the dependability of the water system.
We don’t know where you will find a working cattle ranch ready to put your cattle on for the cow unit price that this ranch boasts.  Give us a call and we would like to show you the ranch before someone else beats you to it.

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