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PRICE: $3,750,000


The Property:  Located in the Mesa Lands of Eastern New Mexico 10 miles west of Tucumcari, this property boasts 7 miles of Vigil Canyon with large pools, springs and live water.  The ranch runs from 4,300 ft. to 5,000 ft. in elevation and has 15” to 17” precipitation per year.

Deeded acres: 7,137
State Lease: 5,506
Total = 12,643

Year in and year out, this ranch will carry 400 yearlings, or 250 pairs.

Terrain & Vegetation:
This property is in the Mesa Lands of New Mexico with beautiful mesas and large canyons filled with Blue Grama, Buffalo and side oats grama grasses.  The ranch also has Cedar, Juniper and Pinon pine providing plenty of cover for your livestock.

  A great natural water supply is found in the 7 miles of the Vigil Canyon; to complement this, there are three wells with submergible pumps and three windmill wells, (wells are between 60 ft. and 390 ft. deep) and numerous dirt tanks.  The owner is currently converting one of the windmills into being solar operated.

At the headquarters, there is 3 bed, 2 bath stucco ranch style home.  This home is in very good condition.  There is a beautiful rock inlaid fire place in the living room/den area which is an outstanding feature.  In addition, there is a mobile home well suited for a hired hand or the guests/hunters that visit the ranch.  Other infrastructure at the headquarters include a hay barn, barn with feed room and tack room, pipe corrals with scales, a shop, round pen and a roping arena.  Scattered across the ranch are 4 sets of pens made of post, wire, and pipe.

Pasture Improvements:
There have been pasture improvements to the ranch in the form of brush control by; spray, roller chopping and grubbing of mesquite, cedar and cholla.

  Because of the terrain, live water, canyons and cover, the ranch has plenty of wild game on the ranch.  There are various wildlife, including Mule Deer, Turkey, Quail, Dove, Coyote, Mountain Lion.  Elk are not presently on the ranch, but have been spotted nearby.  Because of the terrain, Elk should be moving in there soon.

Broker Notes:
  This is a must see ranch.  With the live water, canyons, mesas and historic ruins on the ranch, it offers a unique type of property that is not only a production ranch; but a ranch with plenty of eye appeal and sizzle.  This ranch will be one that is not only a pleasure to own, but a ranch with plenty of upside in value for the future.

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