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Listed for $999,950.00

The Property: This ranch sits north of Roswell NM 21 miles off of HWY 285 and 14 miles west on star grass RD. The Macho Draw Ranch is made up of the following lands:
415 Deeded acres +/-
1545 State Lease acres +/-
5380 BLM Acres +/-
7340 Total Acres

Terrain and Vegatation:  Rolling hills with flatlands and the macho draw that grows a large amount of vegetation.

The grasses primarily are gramma grasses with sac atone draws.

Water: Water consists of 1 well with approx. 450 to 500 feet deep and operates a 2 horse pumps.  25 thousand-gal’s storage all together on the ranch piped to each storage and tank. All Waters and storage are updated fiber glass and rubber tire Tanks.

Livestock Operation: This is a 158 head cow allotment and 1 horse

A small 3 bedrooms 2 bath home with and set of shipping pens just built this last year.

Lease Land:
    State Lease $ 1500. Approx. +/-
                      BLM Lease $ 400 approx. +/-

     Approx. $300

  Because of the diverse terrain and the macho draw it is common to see numerous Deer, Antelope, and barberry sheep . There has been several trophy deer and antelope taken off this ranch over the years.

Price:        $999,950.00

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For more information please email us or call us at 575 355.2855.

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