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Good Sight Hills Ranch
Listed for $4,500,000

Listing Details:

The Property: The Goodsight Hills Ranch is located off of NM Highway 26, just west of Hatch, NM. BLM Rating: 1013 Cattle, 4 Horses

The ranch is made up of the following lands:

3,970   acres Deeded, more or less
28,610 acres BLM, more or less
18,325 acres State Grazing Lease, more or less
50,905 Total acres, more or less

Terrain & Vegetation:
 The ranch ranges from flats, with a mixture of fillery, grama, side oats, giant sacaton, Tobosa and other shrub species to desert hills, some being formed from lava. The Macho Creek runs through the ranch with approximately 5300 ac.ft. water right that can be diverted to irrigate the grass lands.

The water network has been improved to include 11 wells, extensive pipeline, 18 storage tanks, and 26 drinkers. Additionally, there are multiple dirt tanks throughout the ranch. 

The headquarters is easily accessed off of the NM Highway 26. There are two homes at the headquarters, as well as a large Butler Shop with a concrete floor. There are working corrals and horse stalls at the headquarters. Additionally, there are other corrals placed throughout the ranch at several water sources.

Pronghorn Antelope and Quail can be found on the ranch.

Brokers Notes:
This is a large ranch with a lot of lease land that a cowboy has a chance of buying in today market. The cow unit price on this ranch is very reasonable and the location is great, access is great, and there are many positives to the ranch. Give us a call to schedule a showing of the ranch.

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