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$2,400,000 Whole Ranch, $1,100,000 North Ranch, $1,300,000 South Ranch

THE PROPERTY:  The Pecos River Ranch is located 5 miles south of Fort Sumner, NM on  Highway 20.  The ranch can be purchased as a whole or could be split into two smaller ranches.  The North Ranch and the South Ranch have completely separate water systems with both being accessed off of Highway 20.

2020 +/- Deeded Acres on the North Ranch

2300+/- Deeded Acres on the South Ranch

4320 +/-  Total Deeded Acres

TERRAIN AND VEGETATION:   The Pecos River Bosque Ranch has the best of both worlds, near the village of Fort Sumner AND far enough away to enjoy all the benefits of Cottonwood tree-lined river front property.  The large Bosque area along the Pecos is sandy loam growing abundant feed provided by a variety of grasses benefiting from the high water table.  The Bosque section has mostly Sacaton grass with the rest of the ranch boasting a large variation of grasses including gramma, love grasses, drop seeds, bluestem and many other grasses adapted to the sandy soils.

WATER: There is good water supplying this ranch, comprised of four wells with submersible pumps.  There is large storage at the headquarters supplying water to the pastures and the feedlot.  The South part of the ranch has two wells that are joined together with 3 miles of pipeline and 6 drinkers in the south pastures.  The North Ranch side has two submersibles with 1.5 miles of pipeline and 4 drinkers.  There is also a windmill and drinker on the North Ranch.

LIVESTOCK OPERATION:  The Feedlot Grow Yard is located on the South Ranch.  There are six pipe-constructed pens with concrete bunkers and concrete drinkers in each pen.  A large horse corral with covered stalls, sorting pens, scales, hydraulic chute, and loading chute that can accommodate double-deck trucks compliment the feedlot. 
On the North ranch, the Bosque can,  in early spring when the sacaton grass is starting to green up, be stocked very heavy, almost like irrigated permanent pasture.  You can continue grazing well up into Summer.  A few years past, when the weather was favorable, the present owner grazed 350 hd of yearlings on the 1000 acres of Bosque with excellent gains.  The rest of the ranch, both North Ranch and South Ranch, have a traditional 40 acres to the cow stocking rate common to the area.

IMPROVEMENTS: The home site on the South Ranch has a double wide home, expansive and elaborate pipe corrals, scales and chutes.  There are also sheds, a feedlot, commodity bins and good fences.  The North Ranch part of the ranch does not have a home but there are many places where one could be built in an extremely scenic area.  There is a boxcar at one of the wells and a very good set of pipe pens with a metal circular working area, three large sorting pens and two working pens.

WILDLIFE:  If you thought the ranch sounded good from the cattle standpoint, the hunting aspect may cause the most consideration.  Because of its location along the Pecos River and 6000 acres of alfalfa farms on the east side of the ranch; the mule deer, quail and wild turkeys can be found among the numerous majestic Cottonwoods.  This ranch is a hunting oasis in the middle of the East Plains.  There is adequate hunting on both parcels, with the better hunting being on the North Ranch.

BROKER NOTES: This ranch can be split along a section line and, if needed, will be  surveyed.  If you are looking for a one of a kind of ranch with lots of river frontage, hunting, good pasture and great eye appeal, this place is for you.

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