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PRICE: $900,000

THE PROPERTY: The B & H Farm and Ranch is located 12 miles SW of Logan, NM on a Quay County maintained road.
935 +/- Deeded Acres

TERRAIN AND VEGETATION: The grasses on the ranch are primarily gramma, drop seed, love grass, bluestem and other grasses well adapted to the sandy loam soil. The terrain is a rolling with minimal brush or weeds.

WATER: There are 2 wells with electric submersible pumps on the property, but only one is currently all that is needed to water the cattle. Pipelines supply water to the cattle drinkers placed on the ranch to maximize use of the pasture.

IRRIGATION: The farm is in the Arch Hurley Irrigation District and has 229 acres of water right. Arch Hurley gets its water from Conchas Lake through an old US Army Corp of Engineers project. Conchas Lake is on the Canadian River located Northwest of Tucumcari, New Mexico. The Tucumcari Project, in east-central New Mexico, surrounding the city of Tucumcari, has approx. 41,000 acres of irrigated land. The project features include the Conchas Dam and Reservoir, the Conchas and Hudson Canals, and a distribution and drainage system. Many crops grown in the project are used to sustain the area’s livestock industry. Alfalfa hay, alfalfa seed, grain sorghum, cotton, and wheat are the leading crops. The cost of water in the Arch Hurley system is very reasonably priced at a rate of $13.00 per acre ft. per year and $10.00 per acre ft. of water delivered to the farm. For many years the Arch Hurley District produced crops very economically. As a result of the drought and low water levels, water allotments were drastically cut. For the last two years, El Niño has brought the water levels back up for positive outlook of water delivery in the future.

LIVESTOCK OPERATION: With low cost watering system the farm load could be converted into a high capacity livestock grazing farm by using permanent pasture with a rotational grazing operation. If livestock is not your thing the low cost water will produce crops with minimal costs and maximum returns.

IMPROVEMENTS: B & H Ranch has a two- bedroom, one-bath house with attached 3 bedrooms, 2 bath Lancer mobile home. Two Zimmatic Center Pivots are on the circles. The pivot on the east side of the road was purchased in 2002 and the one on the west side of the road was purchased in 2011. The two pivots cover 165 acres. The improvements on the ranch include 2 boxcars, a shop building, overhead feed bins, Pipe corrals with scales and loading chute. WILDLIFE: Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, and an abundance of Blue Quail on the property. TAXES: Quay County Property Taxes 2015 $580.08

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