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Listed for $660,000

Listing Details:


  • THE PROPERTY: The Ranch is located about 10 miles West of Fort Sumner, New Mexico. The Ranch is made up the following lands: 1,763 Deeded Acres, more or less
  • TERRAIN AND VEGATATION: The Guadalupe Ranch is mostly composed of Sandy Loam country with native grass species such as blue and black grama. The ranch has Cedar Trees and Juniper Trees scattered on the ranch.
  • WATER: There is a Windmill located at the headquarters with drinkers.
  • LIVESTOCK OPERATION: This ranch will be a great hobby or hunting ranch that will accommodate a small herd of cattle or a few horses
  • IMPROVEMENTS: There is a small set of corrals, a well, and a two bedroom home. There are also some older usable rock buildings at the headquarters
  • TAXES: 2013-14 Property Taxes = $133.25
  • WILDLIFE: The Guadalupe Ranch is located in an area where there are Mule Deer, Quail, Coyote, Bobcats and other wildlife. This small ranch could be a hunters dream.
  • PRICE: $660,000
  • Brokers Note: This is a beautiful ranch located in a scenic, secluded area. The ranch is located by the old town of Guadalupe and the original old Catholic Church is still located there. This will make a virtual dream hideaway for you and your family. Escape the city and relax in your completely private paradise.
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